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Contact Me — 2 Comments

  1. Another adventure in the format of a good book. Well done fatha what’s the next project & i would love to be part of it. Yer owld son .
    Did ye say George West crashed in the sands!!!

  2. Dear John,

    Just read wings over sands, I bought this book from Noel in Kirkby. It’s brilliant. I’ve been at Cark for over forty years as a kid watching skydivers and now the skydive centre owner and chief pilot. I have met some veterans that flew from Cark, I even had the honour of taking an austrailian ww 2 pilot for a flight in my islander. He wrote to me on his return to Aus. He was in tears as we climbed over the lakes. One guy told me of an occasion when they had a four engined aircraft with engine trouble maybe even fire, he completed our visitors log with his recollection of his visit. I also met a lady last year who’s dad was a pilot at Cark and she was very emotional because it turns out it was her dad I flew with several years before. Small world aviation !!!!!! If you ever think I can help with anything to do with Cark please ask.

    Best regards